What’s Next?

I am excited for the possibilities that my ideas bring forth in order to assist both the unwanted horse issue and equine rescue facilities- At this time I will be focusing on responding to input from the public and more specifically from that of equine rescue facilities themselves. I’ve done the research on the statistics and technicalities, now I want to go out and visit these facilities, share what works and what doesn’t and get the so-called “real world” perspective on the issue. Anyone can sit down and analyze survey results and develop a plan of action with the right tools: now it is time to focus on the implementation and experience!

If you would like to suggest an equine rescue facility to visit, have general questions/comments, or would like to request a copy of my thesis, please contact jlcupertino@cazenovia.edu


About equinerescueresearch

I am a senior at Cazenovia College, who has been developing a research project over the last year, concerning equine rescue facilities. Please visit my site to learn more!
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