About This Project


My name is Jacie Cupertino, and I am a 2011 graduate of Cazenovia College with a passion for the equine rescue facility sector of the equine industry. Though I currently work in the equine veterinary sector, my continuing interest to pursue research remains prevalent. 

Throughout my college career, I have honed in on this passion, culminating with a senior capstone project that developed avenues to further the success of equine rescues. Though the initial project is complete, my research has continued over the past few years to include inquiries with facilities and professionals via an internship with the USDA, an independent research project concerning the economic state of equine rescue facilities since the 2008 passing of the Animal Cruelty and Prevention Act and a market research study that served as the building blocks for the capstone project.. The study, Equine Rescue Facilities: Perceptions & Promotions, which analyzed the publics perception of equine rescue facilities as well as how equine rescue facilities themselves enhance their business and quality of operations, is an unpublished manuscript, and is available at the Cazenovia College Library, or upon request.

Currently, the findings from the market research study have provided a framework for my thesis addressing some of the concerns for both the public and equine rescue facilities.


The goal of this current research is ultimately to create a collective house of information for equine rescue facilities to utilize, in order to increase the legitimacy of their facilities. It will culminate in an overall analysis and report to be used in my final senior research capstone project.


Since funding was found to be a limiting factor for equine rescue facilities, and this is linked to the publics’ perception of their quality and legitimacy of operations,  a resource consisting of educational tools that enhance the business operations of equine rescue facilities can be developed and utilized, which would result in:

– An increase in the legitimacy of the facilities

-Potential increase in the willingness of the public to donate  time, money and/or supplies

-An improvement in the facilities overall quality of operations

The Unwanted Horse Issue is still a burning topic in the equine and agricultural industry, and continues to impact equine rescue facilities on a daily basis. By banding together as an industry, and working to unscramble the roots of the Unwanted Horse Issue, we can pave the way to future solutions. This research is a step in that direction!


If you have any questions, comments, are interested in providing a professional inquiry, submitting articles or relevant material for the “links,” or would like a copy of either the unpublished market research study or my thesis upon completion, please feel free to contact me at:


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-Jacie C