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The New York Times- Contaminated Horse Meat

A recent article describing the findings of contaminated horse meat by the public health authorities across the pond.

NYT- Britain Says Equine Drug May Have Entered Food Chain

A Horse’s Life

A website dedicated to providing information about the Unwanted Horse Issue, full of excellent, up to date information, with a focus on equine rescue facilities. Check it out:

A Horse’s Life!

The New York Times Expose TRF

NYT recently (3/17/11) published an article highlighting the malnutrition and neglect cases found within a previously reputable organization, “The Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation” (TRF). Check out the article below:

Ex-Racehorses Starve as Charity Fails in Mission to Care for Them


A Successful Equine Rescue Facility: Little Brook Farm

Words cannot express how wonderful Lynn Cross & Summer Brennan of Little Brook Farm (located in Old Chatham, NY) have been in helping me to understand more about equine rescue facilities. The work that they do is absolutely inspiring, and they are a true example of a successful equine rescue facility. Please visit their website:

OR friend them on Facebook:

Summit of the Horse Proceedings

This webcast was from the recent Las Vegas symposium on unwanted horses:

Journal of Animal Science: Unwanted horses: the role of nonprofit equine and sanctuary organizations

The JAS recently published an article concerning the economic state of equine rescue facilities, among other factors that influence their operations. This is the most comprehensive look at equine rescue facilities, from an accredited organization.

The Unwanted Horse Issue: What Now?

These are the proceedings from the 2008 Unwanted Horse Symposium held in Washington, D.C. It includes proceedings from Lynn Cross of Little Brook Farm, who shares her methods to success and how she works to aid the unwanted horse population.

Published Article Concerning Research!

If you are a subscriber to “Feedstuffs” Agribusiness Newspaper, you can view my article that was published in late May, concerning this project:

Washington Post: Article on Retired Racehorses